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%11 %791 %2020 @ 19:00 - 20:30

A fusion of Hatha*, Yin** and Kaula Tantra*** Yoga, in the first place it’s going to be classical Hatha Yoga, but inspired by the latter.
Style of these yoga sessions: restorative, calm, dynamic. Includes sequences of meditation to start and end the session. Asana practice: easy and intermediate level.

Explanation in a nutshell:
*Hatha is the most basic physical yoga. The word is composed of the Sanskrit ha=sun and and tha=moon and is meant to balance these energies (e.g. light and dark, active and resting, inside and outside)
**Yin represents the female principle and n yoga practice means that asanas will be held for periods up to 5 minutes, allowing muscles, fascia and nervous system to release.
***Kaula Tantra Yoga is an ancient sequence which is characterized through its focus on deeply relaxing the body already during the practice (and not ony at the end in shavasana) by alternating motions with elements/relaxation poses of complete stillness. The aim of Kaula Tantra Yoga is to train ourselves to move into action from a level of deep relaxation.


%11 %791 %2020
19:00 - 20:30


Workshopraum II
Kasernenstraße 50
Bonn, 53111 Deutschland
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