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Hatha Yoga

%03 %604 %2019 @ 15:30 - 17:00

Hatha Yoga, diesmal auf Deutsch unterrichtet, mit Hands-On Adjustments.

Style of these yoga sessions: restorative, dynamic, calming. Including short sequences of meditiation. Asana practice: easy intermediate level.

The class is meant to help bringing the mind back home into the body by working musles and fascias, stretching and relaxing, which automatically has self-regulating effects on the nervous system and thus the mental/emotional level.

* Just to know: `Ha´ means sun and `tha´ moon in Sanskrit. These planents symbolize two energies that polarize our lives ( such as e. g. light – dark, active – rest, motion – stillness. `Yin´ stands for the female principle. The english word `to yoke´ meaning `to make one, to unite´ has its roots within the Sanskrit word `Yoga´, thus Yoga can be understood as practice of moving more and more towards a state of balance / unity.


%03 %604 %2019
15:30 - 17:00


Workshopraum II
Kasernenstraße 50
Bonn, 53111 Deutschland
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